Struggle Rapper Arrested for Leaving Mixtape on Rick Ross's Porch

Struggle Rapper Arrested for Leaving Mixtape on Rick Ross's Porch
When it comes to a career in music, the struggle is real. Thanks to an oversaturated market, endless clutter on social media and ambivalent record executives, it's hard to get attention. Atlanta rapper J Luchiano tried to get creative by leaving a mixtape on the doorstep of one Rick Ross, but it ended up getting him arrested.

As TMZ reports, Luchiano dropped off his mixtape two months ago. Recently, he finally got a call from Ross's lawyer, who called him in for a meeting. Thinking it was his big break, Luchiano eagerly went to the meeting, where he was arrested.

According to a police report, Luchiano allegedly hopped a fence and took photos and video of himself on Ross's property. As such, he's been charged with misdemeanour criminal trespassing. And the entire sting operation with the lawyer was orchestrated by Ross's security team without the rapper ever even hearing about it.

Luchiano is currently out on $3,500 bail. He claims that he innocently accessed the porch via a side path, not by hopping a fence. Perhaps unwisely, he's been tweeting about the incident.

We've got to hand it to the dude for at least trying to get noticed. As a tribute to struggle rappers everywhere, we've opted to embed one of his songs. Listen to "Me and Marijuana" below.