Stray From The Path Villians

The debut album from Long Island, NY’s Stray From The Path is a heavy concentration of post-hardcore noise and rhythm that shines with metallic touches throughout. With the aid of wunder hardcore producer Kurt Ballou, this young band have made a strong first impression with Villains, retaining a high level of energy, with shrieking vocals from Andrew Dijorio from start to finish. Thematically, the album explores the day-to-day work situation of blue-collar drones that live from one pay cheque to the next, and miserably at that, while big corporations continue to make financial gains without a care in the world. One of the more obvious statements is found on "Capital,” as Dijorio screams with fervour that we can’t all be doctors, lawyers and movie stars over a musical construction of chugging guitars, ascending finger work and double bass rips. This topic may be an obvious one to anyone who’s familiar with the old saying that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but it’s refreshing to hear an album that concentrates on other things besides people’s lame ex-girlfriends and how they wrecked their life. (Sumerian)