Strapping Young Lad For Those Aboot to Rock — Live at the Commodore

In a perfect world, the SYL DVD would have been the entirety of City played from beginning to end. In the real world, it's a good mix of their three albums, including their two music videos and some candid self-aggrandising interviews with the band. SYL come on strong but as the video continues, Devin Townsend looses any sense of tone and pitch, making for some really terrible singing parts. Fortunately, his humorous charisma and stage presence still appeal, regardless of vocal malfunctions. The band is solid throughout — Gene Hoglan's looming figure and precisely heavy beats make drumming look like child's play. The director, Marcus Rogers, makes use of numerous different angles and shots for a comprehensive view of the show with at least 12 cameras, using as many as four frames in the picture. The concert culminates when Devin invites a fan named Drew up on stage to sing the chorus during "Far Beyond Metal." The fan awkwardly head-bangs and when his moment of glory arrives, butchers the vocals with painful singing. The DVD just emphasises the fact that in order to truly appreciate the "unstoppable force" and humour that is SYL, you need to see it live. (Century Media,