Still Life Still Prep Debut Full-Length for Arts & Crafts

Still Life Still Prep Debut Full-Length for Arts & Crafts
East York, ON indie rock quartet Still Life Still have just dropped their beloved Pastel EP, and already they're talking about the release of their debut full-length. The album, due out on August 25 via Arts & Crafts, was mostly recorded live off the floor with Martin Davis Kinack and Broken Social-ite Kevin Drew, and it's called Girls Come Too.

The four members of Still Life Still met way back in elementary school, and have been playing together for over a decade. As a result, their songwriting is surprisingly mature, and their live show inexplicably tight. Don't believe us? See for yourself, when they play three Ontario dates at the end of the month.

A track from Girls Come Too, "Neon Blue," can be heard at the band's MySpace page here. Still Life Still tour dates:

6/26 London, ON - Blackshire Pub

6/27 Brantford, ON - The Ford Plant 

6/28 St. Catherines, ON -€“ Scenefest

Girls Come Too tracklisting:

1. "Danse Cave"
2. "Flowers and a Wreath"
3. "Kid"
4. "Lite-Brite Lawns"
5. "Neon Blue"
6. "Pastel"
7. "Planets"
8. "Knives in Cartoons"
9. "T-Shirts"
10. "Scissors Losing Weight"
11. "Wild Bees"