Steve Singh Unveils First Release in New EP Series

Steve Singh Unveils First Release in New EP Series
Steve Singh is a man of many talents. In recent years, he has delved into TV and film scores, founded an electro project called French Husband, and even made his own album packaging out of sheet metal. Now, he's getting ready to roll out a series of EPs on Unemployment Records.

The first EP is called Two Halves Short of a Whole and it's due out on May 17. The four-song set follows 2007's Heavy Metal Sunset and was written, performed and recorded entirely by Singh.

According to the press release, "Singh's velvety vocals and clever wordplay are at the core, surrounded by his signature, playful instrumentation and rhythms." Hear what this sounds like by checking out the video for "Dressed Up in Harmony" at the bottom of this page.

Stay tuned for more EPs, which will come out "every few months, with each having its own distinctive style."

It's also worth noting that an update posted in January on Singh's official website says, "My old pal Brendan Canning and I are thinkin' about doing a little something together this year." We're intrigued.

Two Halves Short of a Whole:

1. "Two Halves Short of a Whole"
2. "Dressed Up In Harmony"
3. "Fireflies"
4. "Fire Away"