Steffi Panorama Bar 05

SteffiPanorama Bar 05
For ten years, Steffi (Steffi Doms) lived and worked in Amsterdam as a DJ prior to scoring a coveted residency at Berghain's Panorama Bar. Logging off on a second career in graphic design, Steffi packed up her belongings for the world's dance music capital. Playing to Berlin's premier house room once (or more) monthly for the past seven years, plus touring, two labels and an increasing number of stellar original productions, has established Steffi as a conveyor of quality in contemporary dance music. Split between recent (Fred P's "Project 5") and unreleased tracks (Big Strick's "Hayday," a wonderfully agoraphobic Steffi tune called "DB011"), the emphasis on modern productions serves to depict a current moment in dance entirely on Steffi's clearly defined terms. Steffi's transitions on Panorama Bar 05 sound smooth enough that they turn a mix listener's typical consideration of song blends towards the complementary selection of plunging machine sounds, naturalized in Panorama Bar 05 upon the steps of an ascendant, emotive trajectory. (Ostgut Ton)