Stefana Fratila 'Memory EP'

Stefana Fratila 'Memory EP'
Nostalgia's a powerful thing, and Vancouver soundscaper Stefana Fratila is exploring the emotional ties to the past with Memory, an audio-visual collaboration with filmmaker Milena Salazar.

Sequenced together as a nine-minute short film, Fratila's four-song cycle is fitted with vintage home video footage of a child's fifth birthday party in Cosa Rica. Set against the synth-driven, hypnagogic dream pop of "1983" are VHS snow-strewn shots of family's swimming. The haunting, echoed cries and ambient drones of "Compass" contrast blindfolded party games and the wanton disregard of safety rules as a cluster of kids undertake a one-legged race on the periphery of the pool.

There are other treasures to see and hear, respectively, from the frantic rush to grab a piƱata's splayed out sweets to the clanging electronic chimes that drive a closing homage to Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing."

You can take a look at Fratila and Salazar's Memory in the video down below, while the audio portion is available to stream or download just beneath it.

stefana fratila: memory ep from Milena Salazar on Vimeo.