Stakker Eurotechno

Eurotechno is a techno artefact, circa the late '80s, reflecting the sounds that were a part of the acid house scene during that era. A total of 21 tracks exist, ranging in time from under a minute to almost three minutes, and offer a conveyor belt of sounds. Prospective listeners may be interested to know that this CD was one of the seminal efforts of Brian Dougans (of the Future Sound of London). Dougans found a TB-303 (the source of the squelch-y noises that characterised acid house) in the basement of his college and proceeded to collaborate with artist Mark Mclean in an early audio/visual experience committed to videotape. Eurotechno is the re-mastered audio half of the video. As a bit of audio anthropology, Eurotechno is fun and interesting to listen to. Unfortunately, because of the breadth of these tracks (or lack thereof), one cannot really get into these sounds. Just when the mind is about to wrap itself around a sumptuous rhythm or sound, a new track intrudes, resulting in a rather detached listening experience. (Rephlex)