Squarepusher Hello Everything

With so many disputes surrounding the work of Tom Jenkinson, few things are certain, but after ten years of churning out albums to critical acclaim or catastrophic disappointment depending on whom you talk to, it can be agreed that he has achieved iconic status among all of his listeners along the way. Hello Everything feels like a release from the constriction of microscopically constructed breaks into a galaxy of harmonies and melodies, from the never-resolving progressions of "Rotate Electrolyte” to the mind bending "Vacuum Garden,” which hauntingly echoes scenes of Kubrick’s 2001. "Hello Meow” sets the precedent that though beats are not totally amiss they are not at the forefront as in times of "My Red Hot Car” or "Come On My Selector,” and when they do drop they are guided to do so by the other instruments. With the energy increasing later in the album it almost sounds as though Jenkinson begins to revert to older techniques until bass lines fall and take the lead, such as in "The Modern Bass Guitar.” Perhaps maturity has lead to a musical reinvention for Squarepusher that allows a little more joy and beauty into the sound while maintaining the essence of an engaging yet resounding head-fuck that he has always sought. (Warp)