Sonny and the Sunsets Reportedly Breaking Up

Sonny and the Sunsets Reportedly Breaking Up
San Francisco jangle pop greats Sonny and the Sunsets have had a strong year, with the release of their fantastic second album Hit After Hit and some well-received North American shows in the summer. Now, however, the group have reportedly decided to call it quits.

Without revealing many details, Impose Magazine cites "intimate and undisclosed sources" who informed the publication that Sonny and the Sunsets will play their last-ever show on Sunday, October 23 at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco.

The band have yet to release a statement about their departure, or confirm the break-up, but stay tuned for updates.

UDPATE: In response to the breakup rumours, Sonny Smith has issued a statement, which clears up much -- if not all -- of the confusion. And thankfully, it looks as if we have a lot more Sonny and the Sunsets to look forward to.

That statement:

In response to the recent news that's been posted of my band, Sonny & The Sunsets breaking up...

Sonny & The Sunsets may go through some line-up changes in the next year, you know -- different people goin' on to do different things. It's nothing new really, as i'll always be Sonny and the band my Sunsets. we aren't touring for a bit (at least through the rest of 2011) so maybe it'll seem like we're done. Coming up earlier in 2012 we'll be releasing
100 Records Vol. 3 (tba, 2012), and there is also a Sonny & The Sunsets country record coming out (tba, 2012) that includes the familiar sunsets plus other folks too. Although a country record, in reality is no different then the other records which had a bunch of folks from other bands on different tunes.

sonny & the sunsets will continue to put out records and tour.


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