The Soft Hills The Bird is Coming Down to Earth

The Soft HillsThe Bird is Coming Down to Earth
Seattle, WA foursome Soft Hills have a great deal going for them. Most striking is their ability to make their influences sound cohesive. Blending post-rock and folk isn't the easiest thing to do, but that to do so in such a seemingly effortless way is nothing to scoff at. Opening track, and first single, "Phoenix" is a fairly pleasant, straightforward homage to the Fleet Foxes' brand of folk rock that's en vogue right now, but the band are more interesting when they expand their sound. Highlight "Tidal Wave" has its titular theme represented sonically by crashing drums and a rolling guitar line that evokes raw beauty as much as power, while the slightly psychedelic bridge of "Purple Moon" mesmerizes with layered harmonies and unconventional chord changes. The Bird is Coming Down to Earth is also consistent, while contemplative finale "Falling Leaves" brings the enjoyable record to a close, ensuring that the band don't draw out their full-length beyond its welcome. (Tapete)