Snoop Dogg Partners with Ontario Weed Company

Snoop Dogg Partners with Ontario Weed Company
We've always known that Snoop Dogg loves his weed, but it turns out he's fairly fond of the province of Ontario as well. Not only will he hit up Mississauga this weekend for a celebrity basketball game during the NBA All-Star Weekend, but he's now partnered with a Smiths Falls weed production company.

The company is called Tweed, and it specializes in medicinal marijuana though organizers are currently planning a move into the recreational marijuana market.

Snoop Dogg's LBC Holdings have partnered with the brand, who are paying the rapper in stocks and an undisclosed amount. This will give Tweed the rights to content and brands from Snoop's company.

"There are real social and medical benefits from the cannabis industry, and the world is seeing this positivity in a whole new way," Snoop Dogg said in a statement. "Canada has been at the forefront of the business model, and I look forward to being a part of the road ahead."

Snoop also confirmed the partnership with a tweet.