Slowdive Tease New Album via Cryptic Video

Slowdive Tease New Album via Cryptic Video
While reunited shoegaze greats Slowdive last year teased us with promises of a new album, they've yet to deliver on that. Today (January 11), though, we've got a little bit closer to that dream becoming reality.

Via Slowdive's socials, the band have shared a teaser of sorts, which we can only hope is for the as-yet-untitled new album. However, the teaser is cryptic, to say the least, with the clip being only 22 seconds in length and featuring zero audio as a simple white line draws out a square on a black background.

Watch it for yourself below. While so far there are few details about Slowdive's as-yet-untitled new full-length, it will mark their first album since 1995's Pygmalion. Last year, band member Rachel Goswell did confirm recording was well underway following Slowdive's reunion in 2014.

"As you get older, it is quite a challenge. But we recorded quite a lot of music last year, and Neil [Halstead] has spent all of this year, in fact, in the studio piecing bits and bolts together, doing more writing on what we recorded," she said at the time.

For now, all we can do is stay tuned for details as they emerge.