Sloan "Sloan's 20 Years" (Sloan Tribute Video No. 10)

Sloan "Sloan's 20 Years" (Sloan Tribute Video No. 10)
Following two weeks of entries, the ongoing Sloan tribute video series finally comes to its conclusion with the tenth and final video. Fittingly, the interviewees share their views on how and why Sloan reached their 20 year anniversary.

While the members of Billy Talent boast that they're in their 18th year as a band, Death From Above 1979's Sebastien Grainger explains that he had trouble maintaining his group with just one other member.

Sloan's new album The Double Cross is in stores now via Outside Music in Canada and Yep Roc in the United States.

Watch the new tribute video below.

XX "Sloan's 20 Years" from Sloan Music. on Vimeo.