Slates 'Taiga' (album stream)

Slates'Taiga' (album stream)
Edmonton punk quartet Slates have been pumping us up for the release of their New Damage Records debut Taiga since last fall. While the much-awaited February 25 due date is just days away, the band and Exclaim! are teaming up to bring you an album stream ahead of time. You can check out the entirety of the set now.

As previously reported, Slates spent time at Chicago's Electrical Audio studios in Chicago recording with the iconic Steve Albini to prep a song cycle that weighs in on "the concepts of nature vs. man, the refusal to exist within expectations, heroes and being on the road."

Already we'd heard the driving title track, sporting spacious, distortion-dialling six-string licks, tribal drum thuds and scratched-up vocals detailing a "degraded, humiliated" time. You can now sample tracks like the similarly shouted "Verite," the punchy post-punk pace of "Zorlac" or the whammy bar-assisted riff-slinging behind the moody pseudo-ballad "Judas Goat" via the player down below.

As previously reported, Slates also have a Canadian tour book in support of Taiga, and you can see all the dates here.