Sigha Living With Ghosts

SighaLiving With Ghosts
As a musician, Sigha cut his teeth in various shoegaze outfits before moving to Berlin. On Living With Ghosts, the London DJ wears these influences quite well. Spanning 12 songs and covering the better part of an hour, Sigha allows skeletal beats to gestate within layers of long-form murk and fog on his debut LP. Preferring angular rhythms and oblique amblers over silky melodies or forward moving structures, tracks like "Translate" and "She Kills in Ecstasy" feel like four/four club bangers stretched through a dark hole. Using the album as a full-length thesis on the blending of Berlin and Manchester sounds causes Living With Ghosts to feel rather analogous and tedious, at times. Due to his penchant for spacious pacing and stripped-down production, Living With Ghosts sounds like a much effortless work than the end result suggests, demonstrating Sigha as a mathematical-minded producer striving to connect with his primal side. (Hot Flush)