Sick of It All Life on the Ropes

Churning and rumbling with malice and pure hardcore intensity, Sick of It All return with their seventh album. Life on the Ropes opens up with "Relentless,” a song that encompasses the entire theme of the album, as Sick of It All’s power and rage is absolutely relentless on this recording. More fed up than ever, vocalist Lou Koller is throwing sucker-punches at every form of corrupt establishment put in his way, and taking a verbal standpoint for those without a voice. Sick of It All also dish out their first instrumental ever, and mark the return of New York hardcore legend John Joseph (vocalist for the Cro-Mags) on the track, "Paper Tiger (Fakin’ the Punk).” As important as Blood Sweat and No Tears was to the hardcore scene, Life on the Ropes will go down in the record books standing strong and tall right beside it. (Fat Wreck)