Shotgun Jimmie 'Everything, Everything' (album stream)

Shotgun Jimmie'Everything, Everything' (album stream)
Canadian songwriting staple Jim Kilpatrick recently secluded himself in a cabin near Lake Clementi, MB, and emerged with his latest solo album as Shotgun Jimmie. Everything, Everything is due out March 26 through You've Changed Records, and you can stream the whole thing now on

Jimmie recorded most of the album alone on a four-track, but he also recruited a few guests, including Julie Doiron. According to a press release, "This is not the story of a love-wounded man, lost within his own beard, singing sad heartbreak, reclusive. No! Jimmie's gone to the woods to sing the joys of love, and travel, and sunny climates! Like the bioluminescence, he's positively aglow!"

Many of the songs are succinct blasts of pop-rock and folk, with tracks like "Standing in a Line," "Big Sur" and "Skype Date" clocking in at barely more than a minute. There are also more expansive turns, with the ominous "I Will Climb Mountains" stretching out to more than five minutes.

Listen to the 16-song collection below, and peruse Jimmie's tour schedule here.