Shan Vincent de Paul "2Proud2"

Shan Vincent de Paul "2Proud2"
Following the spring release of Shan Vincent de Paul's debut full-length, Saviors, the Toronto-based artist has unveiled a new standalone single titled "2Proud2."

Modelled after UK outfit Jam City's 2015 number "Proud," the reinterpreted cut has Shan Vincent de Paul working a silky flow above a late night tapestry of synths. His lyrics inspect the ego, admitting that he's sometimes a little too proud for his own good. That said, he's looking to repent, noting to a significant someone, "I won't go on without you on my arm."

The musician explained of his intentions in a statement:

If you don't let her sit on your face, and wash her feet, you don't really love her like that. I wanted to write a love song completely void of any ego, pride and inhibitions. A healing song for lovers trying to navigate their way through their own paradise.

You'll find the "healing song," explained in a press release to be the first of a series of upcoming standalone singles from Vincent de Paul, below.