Sex Church / Idle Times Pat's Pub, Vancouver BC May 8

Despite being a mere three-hour drive from Vancouver, Seattle's Idle Times made their first appearance in the city as one of the opening acts for the Sex Church record release party. After two sold-out singles on taste-making labels Hozac and Woodsist, Idle Times have been building a steady buzz with their catchy proto-punk-rung-through-the-garage-styled jams.

They started off the night with the chugging "Million Miles Away," taken from their elusive Hozac singles club seven-inch, and set the pace for the rest of their set. Mostly playing tracks from a soon-to-be-released full-length, the three-piece shredded the same rock territory that other West coast musicians like Ty Segall and Matt K. Shrugg have been mining for the past few years. Led by singer/guitarist Brian Idle, the trio whipped up a frothy blend of garage, twangy surf and good ol' fashioned rockin' fuckin' roll, which definitely stoked the flames for the headliners.

From the long-settled ashes of the defunct Ladies Night — one of the most abrasive, antagonistic and intense bands the city has ever seen — has rose Sex Church. Far removed from the sloppy, antic-filled days of his past, Levon Olsen's new band has channelled that frenetic physical energy into sheer musical force and emerged as one of the loudest Vancouver acts going.

Their style isn't easy to pigeonhole, and with influences ranging from the Velvet Underground through to the Fall and Spacemen 3, Sex Church bring the volume of their forbearers and aim to shake off their audience's flesh. The band were the clear draw that night, pulling the entire audience towards the stage while they ran through songs taken from their new long-player release on New York's Convulsive Records.

Their live show plays much like their recordings: a wild, swirling, yet controlled, storm that somehow transcends simple monikers like psychedelic and garage. It's highly recommended that you start praying at your local Sex Church.