Set Your Goals Gear Up for Epitaph Debut

Set Your Goals Gear Up for Epitaph Debut
Melodic hardcore fans are in for a treat on July 21, when Californian sextet Set Your Goals will be shuffling their new album out the door. The record is called This Will Be the Death of Us and features no less than 12 slabs of that thunderous Set Your Goals sound you've come to know and love.

The album also marks Set Your Goals' debut with their latest label home, Epitaph. After issuing their first album, an eponymous 2004 endeavour on a tiny label, the band shifted to Eulogy Records for Reset and Mutiny. They then had to get a contract buy-out from Eulogy to even toy with Epitaph. It was rumored, and not denied, that the sum of $150,000 traded hands.

It's also unknown whether the title, This Will Be the Death of Us, will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As previously reported, Set Your Goals are kicking off a North American tour with Vancouver's Grave Maker in mid-July. You can check out the dates here.

This Will Be the Death of Us:

1. "This Will Be the Death of Us"
2. "With Hoffman Lenses We Will See the Truth"
3. "Look Closer"
4. "Summer Jam"
5. "Like You to Me"
6. "The Fallen"
7. "The Few That Remain"
8. "Equals"
9. "Gaia Bleeds (Make Way for Man)"
10. "Flawed Methods of Persecution & Punishment"
11. "Arrival Notes"
12. "Our Ethos: A Legacy to Pass On"