Serpentcult Raised by Wolves

SerpentcultRaised by Wolves
Serpentcult are a Belgian doom metal band with one previous EP, Trident Nor Fire, released in late 2006, and one full-length, Weight of Light, released in 2008. Vocalist Michelle Nocon left in 2010 and the remaining members elected not to replace her, instead sharing vocal duties and moving forward as a power trio. Nocon's voice was the centre, and anchor, of their sound, the undisputed focal point. Now, Serpentcult keep vocals to a minimum, generally constrained to some thin, distant-sounding calls, a bit eerie and aching over the more solid instrumentation. Raised By Wolves doesn't have the solidity and weight of the previous releases, which aren't bad things. The sound wanders, grows organically and settles in layers. The guitar tone has a great crunch and gritty texture, the crash of the cymbals rendered almost smooth in comparison. Much of their sound's appeal can now be found in the friction between the instruments, the way sounds slip or grind against each other. Raised by Wolves is subtler than their previous work – still heavy, but now more meditative. "Crippled and Frozen," the one completely instrumental song, is definitely the strongest. The album still feels like a transition piece, changing into something and not quite yet fully formed, like a pupa instead of a full-grown Luna moth. The result is a little awkward, but still promising. (Listenable)