Scarlet Something To Lust About

A teaser EP in lieu of an anticipated full-length, Something To Lust About is a fearsome (and well-titled) six-song EP of utter technical terror and destruction. Putting aside the drama and rumours (two-year absence, apparently bailing on their old label and going to Ferret, and the resulting he said/she said accusations), Scarlet play the type of complex technical hardcore that draws from almost every other sphere of extreme music (grind, death, thrash, etc.) still popular in the underground. However, much like the End, the dearly-departed As The Sun Sets, or their new incarnation, the Daughters, and yes, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Scarlet’s thrash/grind/metal attack is laden with overwhelming breakdowns, twisting leads and jarring noise, not to mention an ungodly amount of heaviness. Elements of Voivod’s discordant clamour (from their prime, not now) are strewn everywhere and two songs, "Sell Yourself” and "Suicide King,” also take a more straightforward structural approach, experimenting with electronics and industrial metal. While they may not be as all over the place and fragmented as some, they throw in some catchier riffs that actually last for more than five seconds, establishing expectations to surpass for their full-length. (Ferret)