Saroos 'Tardis' (album stream)

Saroos'Tardis' (album stream)
The improbable German trio Saroos are putting out their fourth album, Tardis, on the Notwist-run imprint Alien Transistor, slated for release on February 12. However, if you want to get in on the album early, you can do so now on Exclaim!

Any casual fan of the long-running sci-fi TV series Doctor Who will recognize the album title as being the Doctor's famed police box-camouflaged space ship/time machine. Like the Doctor's TARDIS, Saroos' Tardis is billed as being "an invitation to a voyage through time and relative dimension in space," but it's no TV concept album, as you can hear for yourself in the stream below.

Tardis reflects the efforts of Driftmachine's Florian Zimmer, Lali Puna's Christoph Brandner and the Notwist's Max Punktezahl to create music removed from an easy pop historical context, from time and space, as it were. Working closely with producer Tadklimp, Brandner and Punktezahl refined Zimmer's rough modular synth sketches into their purest full-length work of complexly arranged ethereal sounds, as the press release says, "compositions which sit between pop sentiment and the atmospheric gravity of instrumental music."

Check out the album stream now, then go back in time and do it again.