The Salads Fold A to B

The Salads aren't the first to make the transition from ska/reggae to metal, two of the bands that pioneered North American ska were masters of it. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones did it masterfully, and Fishbone just loved to throw it down. The Salads transition isn't as successful as the Bosstones or Fishbone though, and it’s because of the style of the metal they bring into it. The Bosstones did it for fun, you could sense they just rocked out cause they liked rocking out. There wasn't much fun about Fishbone, but the metal they played was hard and furious, so hard that there was even crossover into metal fans. The Salads problem is that their metal sounds like Limp Bizkit and they throw in a power ballad or two to pussy it up. You're not the fucking Bad Brains, don't scream about Babylon and rock out, the reggae part/rock part/reggae part/rock part formula is worn to death, and your one song attempt to be Sublime is blatantly obvious. (Maui Wowie/Kindling)