The Salads Who's That?

The second offering from Toronto/Newmarket's the Salads modernises the basic ska/funk sound with a few electronic tricks and a bit of beat-boxing. The result is an innovative, danceable EP. Guitarist Dave Ziemba is mesmerising, particularly on tracks like "Tango Mango," with its spaghetti Western twist. These songs are not deep, though, as evidenced in "Hot Damn!," ("I came out spittin' lyrics/The day I was born/My mom said 'Shhh! Its 5:30 in the morn'") and "XXX," but they get one up and moving. This disc has one downfall, and that's the fact that vocalist Mista D can slip into an impersonation of Fred Durst a little too easily on some tracks, but that can be grooved right out of the listeners mind soon enough. Keep your eyes on the Salads. (Independent)