Run the Jewels Tease New Music with Zack de la Rocha and 'RTJ3'

Run the Jewels Tease New Music with Zack de la Rocha and 'RTJ3'
Rage Against the Machine rapper Zack de la Rocha was responsible for the most electrifying hook (and one of the best verses) on Run the Jewels' outstanding new album, thanks to his guest appearance on the song "Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)." Now, rapper-producer El-P has confirmed that he is teaming up with with de la Rocha again, and that Run the Jewels have another album in the works.

At an in-store appearance at London, UK's Rough Trade East, El-P reportedly said [via NME], "In 1999 I spent a month in my apartment in Brooklyn with Zack de la Rocha just before he split Rage Against the Machine, working on music that will never see the light of day. I can't speak about his future but I will say that I'm going to L.A. to spend another month with him in January."

At another point in the Q&A session, they were asked about their plans for new music, and Killer Mike said, "Run The Jewels 3. We start work in January."

From this, it's unclear whether El-P will be working with de la Rocha on material for Run the Jewels, or if it will be a different project entirely. Given that it's happening in January — the same month that Mike says they will start work on RTJ3 — it seems fairly like that the Rage rapper will appear on Run the Jewels' next album.

Meanwhile, Run the Jewels will be turning RTJ2 into a meme-worthy album called Meow the Jewels, which will be based around cat sounds.

UPDATE: El-P has already chimed back in over Twitter to shed more light on all this, and it's a mix of good news and bad.