Robert Pollard's Ricked Wicky Announce 'King Heavy Metal' LP

Robert Pollard's Ricked Wicky Announce 'King Heavy Metal' LP
Ohio song factory Robert Pollard is set to release his third album of 2015. Following the recent Faulty Superheroes solo album, he's returning to his Ricked Wicky project to issue King Heavy Metal.

Due July 24 through GBV Inc, the sophomore set comes less than six months after the project delivered their debut set, I Sell the Circus. The partnership of Pollard and guitarist Nick Mitchell have produced a 12-song collection described in a press release as "prog-struck, collagist, technically impressive and melodically complex." It features drumming from Guided By Voices ex-pat Kevin March.

Further exploring the dynamics between Pollard and Mitchell, it's listed that the latter sings lead on King Heavy Metal numbers "Imminent Fall From Grace" and "Weekend Warriors." Most oddly, the press statement notes that they were "presumably written by him as well."

Having previously been described as "a sophisticated arena rock band," Ricked Wicky are said to explore King Crimson-leaning prog on the album's "Come Into My Wigshop" and "Ogling Blarest" is apparently a "Sabbath-y riff fest," while Mitchell's guitar solo on "Map and Key" is likened to Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore.

That said, the set apparently owes something to the Guided By Voices catalogue, with "Weekend Warriors" coming across like an update to Alien Lanes opener "A Salty Salute."

Songs streams have yet to be unveiled, but you can check out the tracklisting down below and the cover art above.

King Heavy Metal:

1. Jargon Of Clones
2. Come Into My Wig Shop
3. Imminent Fall From Grace
4. Too Strong For No One To See You
5. This Has Been My Picture
6. Ogling Blarest
7. Tomfoole Terrific
8. Earth Among Men
9. Weekend Warriors
10. Walk Through Glass
11. I'll Let You In
12. Map And Key