Rob Sonic Sabotage Gigante

Def Jux hurls another sophomore album at the masses from their stable. This time the highly touted MC is Rob Sonic, with Sabatoge Gigante. His first album, Telicatessen, was described as a "masterpiece of focused abstraction.” Although his second effort is no masterpiece, it certainly provides fans with another dose of the aforementioned focused abstraction. Every track is delivered at a frantic pace influenced by Rob Sonic’s New York state of mind. Sonic is a highly talented rapper and no small part of that is due to his flow — much like a prize-fighter, he’s rugged yet nimble, very often in the same song. The second track, "Brand New Vandals,” is an excellent example of this ability. "The Under Over” stands out with Sonic’s clever musings strung methodically over a beat seemingly derived from bonus areas in Super Mario Brothers. In most individual tracks, Sonic’s abstract-driven narratives weave in and out of concrete thought. Going from one track to another, it gives the album a disjointed feel. Although this may very well have been the intention, it would have been preferable to hear more tracks with Rob Sonic heavier on the focus and lighter on the abstract. But that would be a little like asking for Indian food served at room temperature and without any spices. (Definitive Jux)