RJD2 More Is Than Isn't

RJD2More Is Than Isn't
After a decade experimenting with different styles and genres, producer RJD2 returns to the format of his 2002 debut. Like his classic Dead Ringer, More Is Than Isn't is focused primarily on instrumental hip-hop, along with a few vocal tracks featuring rappers and/or singers. The album opens with the piano-and-strings jazz of "Suite 1," while "Suite 2" and "Suite 3" bring that mellower vibe back at later points, as do uninspired instrumental "A Lot of Night Ahead of You" and the first third of experimental jazz instrumental "Got There, Sugar." The rest of the instrumentals tend towards the upbeat, providing some great dance music moments, especially first single "Her Majesty's Socialist Request," which should appeal to both b-boys and club kids alike. RJD2 also draws inspiration from 2007's The Third Hand, singing on "Dirty Hands," which is more interesting than Phonte Coleman, on the '90s-style, R&B-influenced "Temperamental," or regular collaborator Aaron Livingston, on the freakier "Love and Go." On the other hand, Khari Mateen's hook for the mellow "See You Leave" is also good, while rapper STS comes correct with his lyrics about hooking up in strange towns. Blueprint also does his thing, but "It All Came to Me in a Dream" stands out most for the exciting surf rock beat, and rapper P. Blackk steals the whole show as he rips through a hype beat with braggadocio on "Bathwater." A decent addition to his discography, More Is Than Isn't could use more dance beats and much more P. Blackk. (RJ's Electrical Connections)