Ringo Starr Releases 'Photograph' Book in Lavish Deluxe Edition

Ringo Starr Releases 'Photograph' Book in Lavish Deluxe Edition
A few months ago, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr collected some of his personal pictures for the e-book Photograph. Now, that book is being printed in a limited edition physical version, but it won't come cheap. It's due out on November 22 through Genesis Publications.

Bound with leather and featuring gold foil, the tome costs a whopping £345 ($581.91). The books are hand-numbered, with each one signed by Ringo himself.

Those who are considering forking out the cash for the book can console themselves by knowing that the money goes to a good cause, since Ringo is donating all of his royalties to the Lotus Foundation. It's available to pre-order here.

Photograph features more than 250 rare and never-before-seen images, which chronicle Ringo's early life, his time in the Beatles, and more. Starr said in a statement, "I love pictures put together, showing different times of your life. At the time, I never thought that there would be a whole book of my photographs."

Learn more about the contents of the book here. Fans who want to check out the book on the cheap can buy it from iTunes for a modest $12.99.

The lavish book looks rather similar to Jimmy Page's pricey photo book from a few years back; not coincidentally, that book also came out through Genesis Publications and was similarly signed and leather-bound.