Rich Aucoin We're All Dying to Live

Rich AucoinWe're All Dying to Live
If you're one of the thousands of people that have seen Rich Aucoin live over the last few years, you've most likely already become a convert of his baroque pop meets Euro-disco club banging tunes and are already familiar with the seven songs at the heart of We're All Dying to Live. A series of instrumentals links the core tracks, a function of the 500 guests Aucoin invited to perform on the record. Good luck figuring out who's featured where though. Despite including a poster with headshots of everyone involved, Aucoin remains the unifying voice throughout. Understandably, the record is stuffed with ideas, but it never feels crowded. For many, this debut full-length is just a soundtrack to his gigs, but there's emotional resonance at the core of these songs, an element that's often lost during mass sing-alongs. While Aucoin has taken an all-inclusive attitude to his career over the last few years, We're All Dying to Live is a headphone masterpiece best experienced solo. (Sonic)