Revocation Existence Is Futile

RevocationExistence Is Futile
Dizzying and technically stunning, power trio Revocation redefine the parameters of what makes or breaks a prodigious band on their Relapse debut, Existence Is Futile. Generally speaking, most bands with mechanical flair and overwrought solos tend to be interesting for about three seconds. That's as long as it takes to understand that some guitar slinger dominates the band, spent his youth wanking instead of hanging out and now uses his talent to impress other six-stringers. With this collection of abrasive, dynamic and dangerous tunes though, Revocation prove their point quickly and then get it out of the way so they can do something more important: rage. A thrash band with guttural advantages, they unite the enthusiastic fury and sordid vocal attack of Schizophrenia-era Sepultura with death metal tempos, hard rock breakdowns and grooves reminiscent of Testament's finer moments. Dominant, proficient and wise enough to know how to balance the two, Revocation's debut is a wonderfully crippling blow to the tossers currently plugging up extreme music. (Relapse)