Refused "My War" (Black Flag cover) / "Bed for the Scraping" (Fugazi cover) (live video)

Refused "My War" (Black Flag cover) / "Bed for the Scraping" (Fugazi cover) (live video)
As we recently learned, Sweden's Refused have a whole record of new tunes coming out next month called Freedom, which they've been testing out on the road. Their sets have likewise been toasting their punk and hardcore forefathers, with footage from a recent in-store in California finding the act covering both Black Flag and Fugazi.

An appearance at Los Angeles' Vacation Vinyl had Refused tearing into Black Flag's classic "My War" with plenty of aplomb, and they levelled the crowd with the tune's ultra-damaged ascending guitar licks and drum detonations. Dennis Lyxzén got a little wild in the outro, sharing a series of blood-curling howls, à la then-Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins. You'll find a video of the performance below, courtesy of Revolt.

Refused also trotted out their own version of Fugazi's furious Red Medicine number "Bed for the Scraping." The live take landed significantly slower than the pace of the Washington, DC trailblazers' 20-year-old studio version, as you can see via the Instagram post down below.

The band's Freedom arrives June 30 through Epitaph. You'll find their ongoing tour schedule, which includes a stop at the Amnesia Rockfest and shows with Faith No More, over here.


Covering #BedforTheScraping by #fFugazi @refusedfreedom at @vacationvinyl #refused #vacationvinyl

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