Red Snapper Redone

Red Snapper (Rich Thair, Ali Friend and David Ayers) announced their break-up in 2002, but released this final remix album in 2003. A calming, make-my-ears-smile home listening album, Redone is like the woven fabric label on the CD: enchanting and cohesive, rich in its strength as a stand-alone album. Remixed by various producers, the album's trip-hop, ambient, electro and jazz band elements and even minimalist flavours have a lot of integrity that cannot go unnoticed. The sounds on this album are functional, sleek and deep, fusing drum & bass, house and tech-step to create a new hybrid sound. "Four Dead Monks” fuses electro-pop, tech-y undertones and rolling dark bass lines that make your skin shiver. "Ultraviolet,” remixed by Rich Thair, is a club mix — very danceable, yet equally relaxed. "Regrettable,” remixed by Blue States, is melodic, enchanting and peaceful with sultry slow speed and layers of swishing wave sounds. "Mountains and Valleys” is slow-moving, tempting and teasing with an allure of bells and synth. "Heavy Petting” is a nice melodic tune with strings playing over light percussion and uplifting notes, like the climax of a happy film discovering something great. The breakdown is a glitch computer-noise sequence, with percussion, bass and piano entering the mix. The track gets louder and more dynamic with various elements combined — it is absolutely refreshing, unique and creative. "Odd Man Out,” with lonely vocals, brings the live acoustic sound into focus and "Ultraviolet” with Rothko ends the album on a more serious note. (Lo)