Raekwon Sparks Controversy over FACTOR Funding

Raekwon Sparks Controversy over FACTOR Funding
Though Raekwon reps New York City in a major way, the Wu-Tang rapper launched his Toronto-based Ice H20 imprint in 2011 and immediately signed JD Era. As has become common in the Canadian music industry, however, the label has now come under fire for receiving FACTOR grants.

According to Canadaland, Ice H20 received a total of $11,126 under FACTOR's Juried Sound Recording category. In other words, the money was intended to be used for new audio recordings from the Toronto-based JD Era.

Through his management, JD Era told Canadaland that the recordings never happened. He claims he made no recordings with the money and was not compensated from the label.

Raekwon and JD Era's relationship has since been strained. Early last year, Raekwon told The Breakfast Club that JD Era had quit music. Era soon followed that statement up with the arrival of his Barz Vol. 1 mixtape.

A representative from FACTOR explained to Exclaim! that grants are only available to Canadian-owned record labels. In other words, at least 51 percent of Ice H20 is owned by a Canadian or group of Canadians. Further, FACTOR explained that organizations that don't deliver their funded album go into default, and they demand that funds are returned.

Though Canadaland observes that Ice H20's website has since gone offline, Raekwon is still regularly declaring his love for Canada and desire to promote Canadian artists through the label. In a recent interview with Exclaim!, he said, "I didn't want people to think it's just about artists from Toronto being signed. We tryin' to sign anybody from all over Canada."