Purr Machine Ging Ging

About the only thing Purr Machine won’t do on their full-length debut is create a headache with their odd sounding goth electronica and fuzzy guitar. “Another headache is coming on” are the first words sung by front woman Betsy Martin, who sings like Siouxsie with a John Lydon accent. Of course Siouxsie is for the dreamy parts of the songs and Lydon for the whiny bitchy pieces. “Speak Clearly” is wrapped in a modernised Banshees sound that isn’t a blatant rip off, but an extension of a sound the Banshees never pursued. Kevin Kipinis’ inspired programming comes from Killing Joke, which allows him to create some very intense electronica grooves, while the guitars from Kirk Hellie are something out of Cocteau Twins songs. (Re-Constriction)