Priests Priests

If the early-career Makers were more influenced by the Cramps, then they would probably sound a lot like Rochester, NY's the Priests. The CD gets off to a flying start with a Drags-like spazz-out instrumental entitled "The Tingler" and quickly shifts into a slower, slinkier, garage pace with "She'll Never Know." This downbeat, horror-influenced mode dominates the entire album, and highlights of this sinister style include "The Ripper" and "The Living Dead." The vocals are reminiscent of bands like Gravedigger Five and the Beguiled, and therefore suit the music perfectly. What is so surprising, though, is how great they are at faster, more punk numbers, a trait they exhibit with flair on the barn-burner "Circa '78," which this record could have possibly used a few more of. If your idea of a fun Friday night is to drop acid, pop in some fake vampire teeth and have some rough sex, then this record is perfect for you. (Garage Pop)