Pras Michel Win Lose or Draw

Poor Pras. Forever (and unfairly) maligned as the third wheel of the Fugees, homeboy seems destined to remain in the shadows of his more successful band-mates Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill. But Pras isn’t helping his cause by releasing an album of this calibre. First off, one should never even think of remaking U2’s karaoke classic "Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” — Pras’ version ("Haven’t Found”) pulls up lame. And Pras was never renowned for his lyrical ability or rap skills so to hear lame lines like "Is it the Hennessy/or are you really into me” is cringe-inducing. In all fairness, it’s too easy to slam Pras, and tracks like the reggae-flavoured "For Love” and the slightly nod-worthiness of "Mistakes” show Pras at the top of his game. Not that it matters in the end though, unfortunately. Chalk it up to the practically non-existent promotion, or the collective shrug from the general public, but it appears that Pras was doomed from the start. For diehard Fugees fans only. (Universal)