Poor Young Things 'The Heart. The Head. The End.' (album stream)

Poor Young Things'The Heart. The Head. The End.' (album stream)
Poor Young Things specialize in a back-to-basics brand of guitar-driven pop rock, and this month they will make their first full-length statement when The Heart. The Head. The End. drops on May 21 through Bumstead. Before that, you can stream the whole thing on Exclaim.ca.

The album was helmed by Jon Drew (Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club), who re-teamed with the group after producing their 2012 EP Let It Sleep. The songs were recorded quickly and organically, with all 11 tracks boasting gritty electric guitars and pounding drums. Closer "Ghost Notes" is slightly slower and more contemplative, although it speeds up to cap off the album with a thundering crescendo.

Frontman Matt Fratpietro explained in a statement, "Our goal is to be able to make a living doing this — doing music, touring, seeing the country and seeing other countries. We don't want to make millions of dollars. It would be nice, but it would also be nice to do what you're passionate about for a living and be comfortable doing that."

Listen to the album below and see the band's tour schedule here. Also stay tuned for some Western Canadian dates.