Plumtree Release New Best-Of Collection and, Yes, "Scott Pilgrim" Is on It

Plumtree Release New Best-Of Collection and, Yes, 'Scott Pilgrim' Is on It
Halifax's Plumtree have been broken up for a decade, but the recent media hype surrounding their song "Scott Pilgrim," which inspired the name of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, means that the group are suddenly better known than ever. This resurgence of interest has led to a new Best Of compilation, curated by the band members themselves.

The collection brings together 15 songs from their three full-length albums, plus three rarities from 1994. The songs have been remastered and, yes, "Scott Pilgrim" will be on it - although it's the original seven-inch version, not the one that appeared on 1997's Plumtree Predicts the Future.

There's no word on if the Plumtree will ever reform, but it seems unlikely, since the band members now live in different cities. Still, they remain friends, and a press release reports that they attended a screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World together.

Best Of is out now via Follow You Home Records, and a CD can be purchased from Plumstree's official store. You can also pick up the debut EP from SISTER, a new band featuring former Plumtree members Carla and Lynette Gillis.

Best Of:

1. "Go!"
2 "Scott Pilgrim"
3. "Racing Gloves"
4. "My My"
5. "In the Sink"
6 ."I Love You When You're Walkin' Away"
7. "You Just Don't Exist"
8. "Regret"
9. "Sodium Chloride"
10. "Hello Again"
11. "The Phone, the Phone"
12. "Latitude"
13. "Was That All?"
14. "Tropical"
15. "The Game's Over"
16. "CKDU Promo"
17. "Dog Gone Crazy"
18. "Have a Banana"