​'90s Canrock Heroes Plumtree Celebrated with Vinyl Reissue Campaign

​'90s Canrock Heroes Plumtree Celebrated with Vinyl Reissue Campaign
In addition to inspiring the title character's name in Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series, Haligonian indie rockers Plumtree released three full-length albums during their seven-year run in the 1990s. Now, each of those records is getting released on vinyl for the first time.
Mass Teen Fainting (1995), Plumtree Predicts the Future (1997) and This Day Won't Last At All (2000) will be available on wax as of March 10, thanks to Label Obscura.
The albums were remastered at Lacquer Channel in Toronto and will arrive on 180-gram vinyl, complete with deluxe packaging, fresh artwork from Yorodeo and liner notes from music journalist (and long-time Exclaim! contributor) Vish Khanna.

In a statement, Label Obscura head Tim Lidster had this to say of the reissues:

I was a big fan of Plumtree from the time I picked up their "Water Had Leaked Into My Suit" 7-inch when I was 16; I was drawn not only to their sound but the fact that they were roughly my age, which made the whole notion of starting a band, releasing records and touring across the country feasible. When I started Label Obscura, I knew they were one of the first bands I wanted to work with, as their albums are still fresh today and they have an interesting story as a band that I felt deserved to celebrated on vinyl.  

Each LP is limited to just 300 copies, and if you purchase all three of them together, you'll receive them in a special Plumtree tote bag. They're all up for pre-order now over here.
Relive the tracklisting's for Mass Teen Fainting, Plumtree Predicts the Future and This Day Won't Last At All below, then hit play to check out a trailer for the upcoming vinyl releases.
Mass Teen Fainting:
1. Tropical
2. Open The Window
3. Phil Was Always Here
4. I Don't Know
5. On The Hill
6. In The Sink
7. Shoot To Scoop
8. Only In The Movies
9. The Phone, The Phone
10. Aquarius
11. Sodium Chloride
12. July 3rd
13. Good Time To Tell Me
Plumtree Predicts the World:
1. Go!
2. You Just Don't Exist
3. Racing Gloves
4. Effin'
5. Hang Up Baby
6. I Love You When You're Walking Away
7. Fatherhood
8. The Game's Over
9. Scott Pilgrim
10. Going So Low
11. Why Won't You Stop
12. Your Mouth Shoots Off
This Day Won't Last at All:
1. Was That All
2. One Stop
3. I'm Not Moving
4. Regret
5. Lies I Tell Myself
6. Hello Again
7. Tonight's Not Alright
8. Latitude
9. My My
10. I Could Draw A Line
11. Thrilled To Be Here
12. Faraway