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Mass & Volume

Pig DestroyerMass & Volume
Virginia grindcore masters Pig Destroyer offer up the physical release of their Mass & Volume EP, which was originally released digitally in 2013 as a benefit EP following the death of their friend and Relapse director of retail sales Pat Egan. Recorded during the final sessions of 2007's Phantom Limb, the EP comprises two epic tracks, the monstrous 19-minute opus "Mass & Volume" and the six-minute "Red Tar." Normally known for brief songs that capture their style of unrelentingly vicious, fast and visceral grind, Pig Destroyer switch things up with Mass & Volume, as they did on their 2008 Natasha EP.

Both tracks are captivating, heavy doom numbers, while "Mass & Volume" is a slow, feedback-soaked dirge and "Red Tar" is slightly quicker-paced, featuring more aggressive riffs. The band prove adept at the doom approach with guitarist Scott Hull's trudging riffs and J.R. Hayes' unhinged vocal delivery. Although not completely new to fans who were aware of the digital release, Mass & Volume offers a nice way to tide over those of us eagerly awaiting a followup to Pig Destroyer's last album, 2012's Book Burner. (Relapse)
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