Physical Therapy Explores Alter-Egos for New 1080p Album

Physical Therapy Explores Alter-Egos for New 1080p Album
Now based in Berlin, long-running producer Physical Therapy has returned to North America for a unique new album on 1080p Collection.

For the new release, the performer has split his personality into two alter-egos — a pair of New Jersey-based DJs and best friends respectively named Kirk the Flirt and Peter Pressure.

As the label explains, Physical Therapy has developed quite the back story for these two. "In his mind, the story goes that he first met the duo after seeing them DJ at Club One West in Englewood, New Jersey and after many pestering email, they agreed to send me some of the demos — the very tracks that would become this release."

The resulting release is called Physical Therapy Presents... Kirk the Flirt & Peter Pressure, and pieces together some more excellent and fun club music from unreleased Physical Therapy works.

1080p will issue Kirk the Flirt & Peter Pressure on October 23. The album's tracklisting is available below.

Kirk the Flirt & Peter Pressure:

1. You-yy-you-ya-you
2. Girl Track
3. Never Ever Give Up
4. Reverse Diana
5. Teddybear
6. Poodle
7. The Eye
8. Temple Grandin