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Philly MovesOlga
The duo of rapper Tragic and producer/guitarist/singer Jonny Rockwell have finally released an album that comes close to replicating their live show experience, which has Rockwell moving between MPC and guitar, occasionally singing the choruses. The soulful music on Olga is a mix of samples and live instruments that give the album an organic feel that at times borders on folksy (see "Queens," for example). It's a great foundation for Tragic's honest, heartfelt rapping.

The main subject of Olga is girls, with songs about love, sex and loneliness. The standout song is easily first single "Fuxwitchu," which is kind of a love song, but it's also the album's most uptempo track. Tragic drops some crazy styles on the track, and Rockwell goes all out crooning on the chorus. A close second is the first song on combo track "Shoes / Call It In," a love ballad that demonstrates his feelings for a girl using a sweet and simple metaphor. At only ten songs long, Olga is a lean, mean loving machine. You won't need to skip anything here, although the album definitely works better on a rainy Sunday afternoon than in a club or at a party. (Urbnet)
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