Percee P Perseverance

Percee PPerseverance
Percee P surely didn’t have to think long and hard about what he would title his album. Perseverance, released by Stones Throw Records, is aptly named. Over the past two decades in the world of hip-hop, Percee P has the strange distinction of being well known and featured in the songs of prominent MCs but never having released a full-length album of his own. Produced by Madlib, Perseverance features an impressive array of beats and Percee P does justice to all 18 cuts. The theme of the album is clear — most tracks speak to the fact that he has had to pay his dues and that he has earned his status in hip-hop the hard way. What makes this album good is the fact that he does this in an original manner without coming across as overly boastful or arrogant. Whereas most commercial hip-hop albums rely on a hook and an easy loop that the MC can hide behind, Perseverance is all about skills and has few choruses that stand out. Percee P and Madlib deserve each other and come together well in a marriage of hard rhyming and production ingenuity that has become a standard. (Stones Throw)