Paul Westerberg Returns with New Vinyl Release

Paul Westerberg Returns with New Vinyl Release
Last we heard from rock icon Paul Westerberg, he was dropping a surprise EP, PW & the Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys, out of nowhere, which followed up his rag-tag, self-released digital album, 49:00… of Your Time/Life. Now, old-school Westerberg fans who like to have physical product have something to cheer about: a new Westerberg seven-inch has just been released.

The two-track release contains the songs "This Machine" and "Foolish Hand Shake." Curiously, the songs are by "Mr. F (aka Grandpaboy aka PW)," according to Westerberg website Men Without Ties. Westerberg has recorded under the Grandpaboy moniker before, but the Mr. F pseudonym is new.

The limited-edition, multi-coloured vinyl release will also come with a free download card for the "epic" bonus track, "Grandpaboy's Last Stand," as well as some cobbled-together Westerberg cover art (see above).

Head here to order the record. It costs $8 plus shipping, and there's a one-per-customer limit.

 In related news, a little album named Tim by a little band named the Replacements is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and if you happen to be around Minneapolis on November 26, you'll want to head down to First Avenue for an anniversary party with a variety of musicians playing the album front to back. Head here for more info.