Paul McCartney Names Album 'Kisses on the Bottom'?

Paul McCartney Names Album 'Kisses on the Bottom'?
When news of Paul McCartney's upcoming jazz-pop album initially spread, reports suggested that the LP would be called My Valentine. The Beatles legend later debunked this, however, and confirmed that the record had not yet been officially titled. Well, Sir Paul has now apparently settled on a name for the new album and, uh, it's a bit of a head-scratcher.

According to The Sun, and evidently confirmed with the singer's reps by NME, it will be called Kisses on the Bottom. That's right -- McCartney's new album title is a butt reference.

Assuming that this is true, we can't wait to see the album cover. Do you think McCartney will have the guts to give Kisses on the Bottom the NSFW artwork it deserves? We're guessing not, seeing as it's being released by Starbucks' own Hear Music label (which is run in collaboration with Concord).

The album will be out February and will feature input from Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder and Diana Krall. Hear the Clapton-assisted "My Valentine" below. This is one of two original tracks that will sit alongside covers of pop standards from yesteryear.

UPDATE: As one commenter points out, Kisses on the Bottom can also refer to writing an "X" at the end of a letter. Something tells us that Paul is more likely to go with that theme for the album cover, rather than the more literal meaning of this double entendre.

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