Paradise Lost Believe In Nothing

Believe In Nothing is the eighth studio album from England's Paradise Lost, originally released last year as a UK-only release, and now brought to these shores by Koch. This album is a full three albums past the point in the band's career when the metal world shunned them completely, utterly and mercilessly; a rather amusing fact when one considers that this album walks all over today's goth metal bands, in terms of both song writing and heaviness (I hear wimpier albums every month from Napalm Records). Believe In Nothing is chock full of catchy and mid-tempo dark rock/light metal anthems, sprinkled with electronica and never lacking in memorable hooks or melancholy melodies. It's hard to believe some of these songs weren't commercial radio hits. When Paradise Lost records stopped being advertised in metal mags (there's still an album out there I've never even seen), we lost a big one. (Koch)