Panthers Robbed, Play Last-Minute Gig Tonight in Hamilton

Panthers Robbed, Play Last-Minute Gig Tonight in Hamilton
Panthers were gear-jacked in Montreal on Saturday night after playing a show at Les Saints. The theft left the band $5,000 in debt and unable to play their show in Toronto yesterday (October 14) in support of High On Fire.

The band posted a message on their label, Vice's website:

"missed the show in toronto yesterday cause we didnt get there in time and they wouldnt let us play. but we had to file a police report and check pawn shops and try to get the window fixed. so yeah lost 300 on what we would get paid. and you know how expensive hotels are in canada. and the window is going to cost us 200 bucks. and as you know our budget was tight as hell already so it is a real fucking bummer. not to mention all the shit......but anyways not to drag on. here is the list:

1 Fender Mustang custom guitar with P90 and mini humbucker pickups. Dark green/black with gold trim and has one star on front of body.
1 Boss DS 1 pedal
1 Boss Chromatic Tuner pedal
1 Frantone Peach fuzz pedal
1 Ibanez Weeping Demon wah pedal
1 Nikon D50 digital camera
1 Ludwig SupraPhonic Hand Hammered 402 Snare
1 Tama Grand Star Custom floor tom. 15 by 12. Red
1 Lumix Digital Camera
1 80 G grey ipod"

Anyone who has information regarding any of the band's stolen gear is asked to contact Vice Records at [email protected].

In order to help their cause, the band have announced a last-minute show in Hamilton tonight at the Casbah on a day off from the High On Fire tour. Here's what you need to know:

Monday October 15
7:30pm Drs, 8:30pm Show
$10 || 19+ (Limited all-ages)
306 King St W || 905-521-4441 ||

AKROID (Ex-Katja)

Click here to download Panthers' "Long Time Coming," taken from their latest album, The Trick.